The origins of Whole World Cuisine…

Chef Patrice Gerard was born in Paris, France, educated in Switzerland and spent his early years with his grandparents on the small family farm in the Burgundy region of France.“ I think my relationship with food began in my grandmother’s kitchen. In those days all the food that reached the table I saw grown in her garden or raised on our farm or neighboring farms. "My happiest times revolved around preparing and eating good meals together.”
In the early seventies, Patrice came to the U.S. and began working in restaurants while still in high school. He worked his way upward in the kitchen and across the country in restaurants from Los Angeles and San Diego to Las Vegas and Miami — a melting pot of ethnic cuisines.
In his quest to turn cooking jobs into more of a creative culinary expression of his passion for fine cooking, Patrice returned to Paris, France in the nineties to study culinary arts in his hometown.
Returning with culinary arts degrees from the French government and the European Community as well as experience at the esteemed Hotel Intercontinental in Paris, Patrice began his career as an accredited chef. Over the past years, he has developed his style of cuisine encompassing a wealth of experience with varied cultures in combination with the classic French bases to create his “Whole World Cuisine.” Chef Patrice has garnered many accolades and recognition from food writers and food publications as he shares his love of cooking with friends and patrons.

Pop up restaurant with Chef James Haller

My dear friend and renowned chef James Haller and I are doing it one more time! Joining together to bring you an evening of classic and inimitable Cuisine at The Wellington Room in Portsmouth on Monday, February 16th 2015, at 6:30PM.

La Carte

Soup: White bean and Fennel garnished with crème fraiche
         and bacon cashew gremolata

Salad: Pickled Root vegetables with blood orange vinaigrette

Appetizer: Flounder and crab timbales spiced Hollandaise

Main course: Roasted pork loin stuffed with veal pate, roasted         pepper coconut cream, Oyster mushrooms Florentine

Dessert: Salted caramel mousse and curried white
            chocolate leaves

Every dinner is accompanied by Chef Haller home-baked breads and homemade butter.
This evening’s daily bread is Orange and Roasted garlic bread

The cost for this five course meal is $65.00 per person – Cash or check only – No credit cards accepted – Full bar service available or, BYOB for a $15.00 cork fee.

Reservations are required. For Reservations call The Wellington Room, 67 Bow Street Portsmouth, NH.  Tel: 603-431-2989

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